Welcome to the protoype of our action game! We hope you will enjoy giving it a try and leaving us some constructive criticism.

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  • WASD - Movement (up is top-right)
  • J - Melee Attack (does double damage)
  • K + Movement - Ranged Attack (bullet trajectory is determined by movement during shot)
  • L - Dash (does no damage, moves you quickly and allows to phase through objects/enemies)
  • I - Block (blocks full damage, restricts movement, destroys spider nets)
  • P - Pause
  • M - Main Menu (progress is reset)

You can also edit the keys in the Options menu!


  • Embark on an epic hack-&-slash adventure on an isolated island in the middle of the ocean!
  • Face off against unique enemies: 
    • Lurker - melee fighter who fights alongside others!
    • Venom Spider - fast creature with low health that fires spider webs which trap the player in one spot!
    • Spectre Ghost - powerful spirit with decent health who shoots deadly laser beams in 90° angles! When his health gets low, he becomes slightly invisible and invincible for a brief moment!
  • Try to achieve the highest score before the time runs out!

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